Your data is what makes your business thrive – second only to your people, of course. Your data is the best predictor of future growth and keeper of historical information. What do you do when you need to change computer systems? A low-budget, low-quality data conversion can bring your business to a screeching halt, leading to the obvious reduction in revenue, but also the unforeseen situations of data loss and data corruption.

The MoveData team has decades of data experience. They are well-versed in virtually all data formats. MoveData is the perfect solution for anyone looking to move from one system to another.

MoveData is revolutionizing the data conversion process. We know that data conversions and data migrations are complex, but with our innovative system we are able to simplify this large task. With our revolutionary technology, MoveData can help you move data from and to any system.

MoveData features an automated process that converts data from one export type to a new import type. MoveData will simplify the data migration and data conversion process for you - making it predictable, scalable and documented so that you have more time to focus on growing your business. Our proprietary process features real-time updates, so you are always aware of what is happening with your data and when you can expect each phase to be completed.

Common Questions

Who should use MoveData’s services?

If you need to convert systems and move data from one system to another, MoveData will provide you with a fast and automated data conversion.

How long does it take?

Unlike competitors, our data conversions take hours to a couple of weeks, compared to a few months. With our scalable, predictable, and documented process you can have your data converted in the USA quickly.

How do you maintain your fast turnaround times?

Unlike many competitors, we don’t rely on human resources and we don’t keep adding headcount as our business grows. Instead, we rely on technology and writing more code, which allows us to scale our business and to maximize our potential. We can do hundreds of data conversions at one time and turn them around in a few weeks.

Is it expensive?

Expense is a relative term. How expensive would it be to you and your organization to lose valuable data during a data conversion? How expensive would it be for your organization if your team was unable to complete work due to missing an inaccurate information for weeks, months and even years? We pride ourselves in being cost-effective, while providing the best solution in the industry with unbeatable turnaround times. A data migration is also much less costly than trying to maintain two systems, for example in the case of a merger and acquisition.

What types of systems can you handle?

We can convert data from nearly any software platform into an importable file for the selected new software platform. Services include applicant tracking system migrations, accounting/GL software migrations, recruiting software migrations, and payroll migrations.