MoveData ATS Domain Model - Reference Documentation


The MoveData ATS Commons (Domain Model) project provides a common backplane for moving data between different Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

This document is the reference guide for the ATS domain model.

Knowing the ATS

Brief History of ATS

Applicant Tracking Systems have been a core tool of the recruiting and HR industry since 1997 or even earlier. The first ATSs were typically home-grown, by both large and small recruiting firms, and built for in-house use only. As the internet grew in popularity and Software as a Service (SaaS) became a viable business model, the first commercially available, subscription-based ATSs came on the market circa 1999.

The Need for ATS

The Applicant Tracking System has one main goal which is to facilitate the hiring of human resources for jobs. To say that the ATS is "simple" would be a gross understatement. The list of core functions of the ATS include, but are not limited to:

  • Organizing job orders and requirements

  • Advertising open jobs

  • Automatically maintaining open jobs on the internet

  • Taking of job applications from candidates

  • Filtering and sorting job applications

  • Submitting the best candidates for consideration

  • Extending offers

  • Hand-off to on-boarding systems

Conversion Payloads

The MoveData system is built on the producing of common payloads that can then be consumed and processed. The ATS Commons module defines those payloads and the supporting object for converting data between ATSs.

Payload Metadata

All payloads contain metadata to identify the source and destination along with any information needed to consume the payload and make sure it gets to the correct destination account.

Attribute Type Description



The source or origin of the data in the payload



The target or destination of the data in the payload



The ID for the company to assign the converted data to. This is important when converting into multi-tenant systems.



The ID of the user to assign the converted data. When there are target systems that require user assignment, then this ID can be used when the source data does not specify a responsible party.

ATS Objects

MoveData has defined and supports the following objects that exist within the ATS.

Please send model suggestions to and be specific about the attributes and/or use cases that warrant an addition,modification, or deletion from the MoveData domain model.

Types of Objects


Currently being Engineered

Attachment Payload

The attachment payload will offer direct and native support for attachments in the MoveData ecosystem.